Second book blues

In January I took my three children to the magical Wishing Tree down by the Merri Creek. We all wrote our secret wishes on little pieces of paper and strung them to the tree. I still can’t believe my wish (for my manuscript to find a publisher) more than came true — by August I had a two-book deal. It felt like winning the lottery. Twice.

Merri Creek Trail (West) May 21 2014 035

So what’s changed so far? Not finances — my book advance stretched as far my share of the mortgage repayments for a few months, so I still have to do my day job. Not time — I still have to get up at 5am to write; and no offers of help with the kids have come rolling in. Not space — no writing studios or retreats for me. The only thing that’s changed is now I have a deadline.



2 thoughts on “Second book blues

  1. annebuist

    Helps keep the focus! I gave myself one even though I don’t have a contract…but I’m pretty happy with it so hopeful! Really looking forward to reading both of yours…even if the deadline gets extended!


  2. Tania Chandler Post author

    Yes, you’re right, Anne — about keeping the focus. But I’ve been realistic and asked for an extension nice and early so it won’t affect scheduling, and my publisher is fine with it. Joy! Now our house feels a little less like the hotel in The Shining! And I’ve signed off on the last of the book 1 proofs, so I can finally put all my concentration on book 2. I found it hard trying to write something new while still working on the edits of the first one.

    Not long now for Medea’s Curse! Can’t wait to read it!



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