Looking for an angle

I’ve been as asked to write a piece about my book, Please Don’t Leave Me Here — something that will interest people in buying.

I thought I’d start by making a list of the themes (aside from murder):

  • adultery
  • alcoholism
  • drug abuse
  • mental illness
  • police corruption
  • domestic violence
  • the sex industry
  • teen pregnancy
  • abortion
  • suicide.

Oh, God, how do I make that sound appealing? It’s also funny in some parts (really!) Maybe I should try another angle?

My book, Please Don’t Leave Me Here, is like Frozen (the Disney film):

  • My protagonist, Brigitte, wrestling a dark secret from her shady past, protects herself by creating a metaphoric ice castle from alcohol and prescription medication.
  • When her secret is revealed she has to ‘Let it go’.
  • In the end true love is not who you think.

Hmm. Maybe I should just write about process?


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