Authors on the menu: Tania Chandler

Sue Williams


Crime writer, Tania Chandler ducked briefly into the Rusty Bore Takeaway to chat about her debut crime novel Please Don’t Leave Me Here. And Cass will be happy to hear that Tania’s the perfect customer for a takeaway…

Welcome to the Rusty Bore Takeaway, Tania. Cass is out on an investigation today and has left me in charge… here’s hoping I’ll manage without any grill-top emergencies. So, what can I get you? What’s your order?

A piece of grilled flake, minimum chips and three calamari rings, thanks.

We care a lot about cooking around here, especially, ahem, comfort food. Tell us about something you like to cook.

Hmm, cooking is not really my forte. Toast.

Yes! We do like a customer who’s not into cooking in this shop – a potential regular… speaking of which, what would you have trouble leaving behind if you moved somewhere like Rusty Bore (population…

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