PASSION! The big P of creative writing.

Patience, perseverance and PASSION: the three Ps that will keep you going through the tough times. Great piece by Jen Storer on Girl and Duck .

girl and duck

Behold, creative writing duckettes! The three Ps that will keep you going through the tough times. Patience, perseverance and passion. Sadly not one of them is coated in chocolate. But that could easily be arranged.

peasPatience. Easy peasy. All this means is that we simply have to patient with ourselves. We have to give ourselves time to learn. Sounds like a cinch, yeah? But your toes are curling as you read this, aren’t they? I know because you are me. Everyone else can take their time but not us. If we go slowly it’s proof that we’re a ninny. Or we have no talent. Or we’re dreamin’ the wrong dream. Arrrgh! Why do adults think they have to learn instantly, painlessly, sans frustration and worse still, completely free of embarrassment? It’s  LUDICROUS. Seriously. Deep down you must agree? There’s a whole rambling blog post in this P alone. But Patience doesn’t suit my purpose today. I’m over it.  For now…

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