Ten literary devices. Or how to zhoosh up your creative writing.

Great writing tips from the brilliant Jen Storer

girl and duck

Sit up straight. Eyes and ears facing forward, please. The teacher is IN.


The following is a list of basic literary devices. Literary devices? I know! It sounds impressive. Sorry if you feel like you’re back at school. But sometimes we forget about this stuff and I do think it’s worth revisiting. You could also think of these as Literary Tricks if you like. Consider them next time you’re reading. See if you can spot them. Devices such as these will enrich your writing and help bring it to life. In artistic terms they add shadow, tone and contour. Use these wisely and people will sigh when they read your work. Maybe even think you’re some kind of Word Magician…

As you become more aware of these they will naturally influence your imagination and filter into your work. But BE CAREFUL. Try not to force them. To begin with it’s enough…

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