A Novelist’s Tale: Self-Publishing v. Traditional Publishing

Fascinating article by L.J.M. Owen about the pros and cons of self-publishing and traditional publishing


L.J.M. Owen, Queanbeyan cosy crime writer, has (accidentally) performed the ultimate publishing experiment: publishing a novel herself, and then again through a traditional publisher. Read on to find out her conclusions.

This article was first published in the ACT Writers Centre’s monthly member magazine, ACTWrite, April 2016. If  you’d like to receive ACTWrite and read more articles like this, become a member of the Centre today. 

Olmec sepia

In 2015 I published the same novel twice: once via self-publishing; once with a traditional publisher. This is what I learnt.

Like many aspiring authors, I spent years crafting my first novel. I studied story-world, plot and theme; nurtured my characters; struggled to convey emotional nuance. I revelled in the writing process.

In late 2014, the first draft of Olmec Obituary, the story of an erstwhile archaeologist and reluctant librarian solving an ancient Mexican murder mystery, was done. An absurdly unexamined question loomed: how…

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